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Arrive Saturday to participate in Sunday’s Networking Activities.


Suggested Arrival Time
Arrive Saturday to participate in Sunday’s Networking Activity.

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Bring plenty of business cards, relax, meet-and-greet during this fun-filled day devoted to making new contacts and new friends.
*Please note Networking Day is open to all event participants and sponsors.

8:00 AM

Rosa’s Dude Ranch Adventure
Rosa’s Dude Ranch is the perfect location to get to know your peers. We’ll study the art of ax throwing, test our lasso skills on a life-sized horse, and discover who the fastest draw in The West is with a quick draw challenge. These are just some of the outdoor activities we’ll have access to! The day won’t be over until you’ve had a fine plate of fixins’ & cold brew to satisfy your appetite.

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3:00 PM

Customer Engagement Leadership Council Mixer and Annual Meeting

Members of the Council discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities that they face, and agree upon key Critical Issues. These Critical Issues will then be put forth to the membership at large for a vote on the most relevant areas of interest. The top Critical Issues then serve as the foundation for the content of both the Council’s live events, virtual events, and curated thought leadership throughout 2019.

*Please note participation is restricted to Council Members only.

3:15 PM

Sponsor Workshop

4:45 PM

Sponsor Registration & Orientation Reception

6:00 PM

Speaker & Thought Leader Orientation
An essential meeting for speakers, facilitators, and confirmed thought leaders to preview the event, highlight your roles, and network with fellow peers.

6:45 PM

Participant Meet ‘n’ Greet
This end-user/practitioner networking activity is your opportunity to identify – right out of the gate – those peers who share challenges similar to your own. It’s a great way to find participants who have thought leadership you can benefit from and to facilitate later dialogues throughout the event.

7:30 PM

Welcome Networking Reception & Event Kickoff
Meet your fellow peers and colleagues and enjoy a little conversation & cocktails as we get excited for the days ahead!
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7:15 AM

Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Exhibition

Registration Items Hosted by:

Featured Demonstration Hosted by:

8:00 AM

Chat, Tap, Talk: Trends Shaping the Future of Customer Experience

Dr. Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight & Futures, BT Global Services Innovation Team

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Based on 7 years of global research from 10 countries around the world, this session will investigate the key trends driving consumer behavior and how innovation can help customers “chat, tap and talk”. It will look at why customers want an easy life, what happens when their smartphone is their window on the world, why we use the channels we use (and which channels are rising and falling in preference), what the role of chatbots are and why data needs to be leveraged as the new currency in a “me”-conomy. Based on these trends, this session will also look at the practical innovations which can be used to improve customer experience and the implications for the contact center.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Insight into the key trends driving customer behaviors
  • Guide to linking these trends to practical innovations
  • Tools to assess the impact of these trends on your contact center and your agents
  • Myth-busting “hot” topics such as AI and IoT

9:20 AM

Anticipating Their Every Need: Predictive, Proactive, and Personal

Crystal Collier, Head of Strategy, Programs and Insights, Electronic Arts (EA)

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In Electronic Arts (EA) Worldwide Customer Experience (WWCE) organization, or EA Help as we’re known online and on social media, we’re players helping players – whenever, wherever, and however they need us. We strive to make EA known for taking care of players. To reach this goal, we are transforming from a traditional service desk to a Digital Service Desk of the future – and artificial intelligence (AI) is helping us get there! In this session, hear about how EA is using AI to power predictive, proactive and personal interactions to solve our players’ problems and improve the player and employee experience. This session will share highlights from our research and technology selection criteria as well as a framework for how to introduce or optimize AI in your CX organization.


  • Insight and a better understanding of different types of and uses for AI in CX
  • Use case of EA’s learnings for powering predictive, proactive and personal interactions to improve both the player and employee experience
  • Framework to get started with or improve AI initiatives

9:50 AM

Networking, Refreshment, and Exhibition Break

Featured Demonstration Hosted by:


Customize your agenda! Stay the course with one zone or bounce around to others. All collaboration zones are Power-Point Free, participant-driven discussions featuring creative thinking and idea generation.

Zone 1. Igniting the Customer Experience
Zone 2. Innovative Use of Tools for Efficiency and Effectiveness
Zone 3. Collaborating on the Customer Experience
Zone 4. The Pragmatics of Delivering Omnichannel Excellence
Zone 5. Reinvigorating Your Agent Strategy
Zone 6. AI Today

10:20 AM

Case Histories explore a specific use case and include informal conversations that draw upon the experience and expertise of the featured executive and participants.

Choose one of the following zones:
Zone 1. Mapping the Customer Experience Across All Journeys
Zone 2. Efficient Call Resolution Regardless of Complexity Level through Agent Guidance and Automation 
Zone 3. Bringing the Customer Journey to Life Through the Intersection of Marketing and Service


Mike Asebrook, Director, Product Marketing, Customer Service, Pega
Matt Nolan, Director, Product Marketing, Marketing & Advertising Technology, Pega

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How well do you really know your customers? If pressed, could you say which journeys, steps, or stages they’re in? What their propensities and preference are? What they…right now? If not, you are not alone. In reality, most interactions don’t feel very personal, from a customer’s perspective. The gap between expectations and experience is growing larger by the day, and customers walk away from generic interactions feeling frustrated, thinking “They don’t even know me, or my problem. So why should I do business with them? And while a few leading brands have succeeded in overhauling their customer approach, most brands haven’t made that leap yet… it’s been a slow roll. Why the hesitation? This session will showcase the sorts of challenges, opportunities, and loyalty strategies that can help bring a personalized and contextual customer journey to life, and help you evolve to the next stage of customer engagement.


  • Insight on how the digital ecosystem has influenced customer expectations
  • Warning signs that your brand may be missing the customer engagement mark
  • Guide to why service and engagement matter more than ever now
  • Approaches that start with the customer in mind—rather than the company
  • Best practices for improving your overall customer engagement strategy with Marketing & Service
  • Real examples of how brands have connected with their customers (and real results)

Zone 4. Data Driven Decision Making with Omnichannel Analytics
Zone 5. Preparing the Contact Center to Meet Complex Expectations of the Connected Customer
Zone 6. Practical Application of AI: What You Can Do Today to Move the Needle
Amit Shankardass, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Market Engagement, Teleperformance

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Does everyone need a Watson to get started with AI? Will RPA and NLP replace all human interactions? Are BOTs taking over the world? There is a lot of chatter, and noise, about AI, RPA, BOTs and NLP. In this interactive Case History, we will explore practical ways to incorporate these newer paradigms to improve the agent experience, the customer experience, and optimize business processes to bring about digital transformation. Through specific use cases, we will bring to life methods to adopt, and adapt, these technologies today – and create a roadmap for the future.


  • Practical applications of AI and RPA in the contact center
  • Insight on where AI works and where it does not
  • Examples of AI and RPA implementations
  • Best practices for implementing a BOT solution

11:15 AM

Session to Session Travel Time

11:20 AM


Choose one of the following concurrent sessions:

INTERACTIVE – Solutions Wheel
Play the “wheel” to find out which of the industry’s products and services will help you solve your challenges. It is a series of rapid-fire, one-on-one meetings with leading sponsors – both intense and fulfilling.


Customer Engagement: Caught in a World of Digital Flux

Stephen Loynd, Global Program Director, Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan

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Data Analytics is upending Customer Engagement. Which systems and strategies will be needed to support and manage all the data coming at us in this era of immersive techno-consumerism and the high customer expectations that come with it?

This session will be examining themes such as:

  • The role of Data Analytics in a Customer Experience omnichannel strategy that is above all aimed at an efficient, effortless experience
  • The challenge of managing disparate data and knowledge in the context of legacy technology systems
  • Data Analytics and process innovation


  • How much exponential change may we soon see?
  • Companies must transform toward offering a relatively effortless CX, or gradually perish


You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure: Metrics of an Effortless Experience

Nate Brown, Director of Customer Experience, UL EHS Sustainability

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The resounding connection between effort reduction and customer loyalty is now a well-established truth. Are you able to see the impact of effort reduction in both your customer and the employee experience? Customer Effort Score (CES) is a great start, but there are several other metrics that can be utilized to really drive changes and achieve customer loyalty targets. Join us as we discuss these critical metrics, as well as the role of your knowledge program in your effort-reduction strategy!


  • Metrics involved with measuring effort for both your customers and those employees providing the experience on a daily basis
  • Insight on why quality knowledge is fundamental to effort reduction…learn best practices to “effort proof” your knowledge and measure its effectiveness
  • Guide to going beyond Customer Effort Score with additional metrics such as “number of replies to resolution” that will help to drive your Customer Experience dashboard

12:35 PM

Food For Thought Networking Luncheon – Networking Roundtables Hosted By Industry Leaders

Practitioners and solution providers hose a menu of luncheon discussions on pertinent industry issues. Dine and dish with industry experts. The list of discussion topics will be available on-site.

Hosted by:

1:40 PM

Session to Session Travel Time

1:45 PM


Roundtable sessions capture the power of all participants’ voices, insights and experiences via group discussion and exploration of the issue at hand.

Choose one of the following zones:

Zone 1. Personalizing the Customer Experience
Zone 2. Using Activity Intelligence to Drive Process Improvement

Neil Crane, Vice President of IT and Product, Cicero

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Artificial Intelligence, and specifically Workforce Intelligence, is an emerging technology; Activity Intelligence is the discipline of empirically understanding, without bias or prejudice, what teams are doing to produce results, when, how and how often. Workforce Intelligence couples Activity Intelligence with other sources of data to answer why work happens. Workforce Intelligence allows predictive Workforce Management and prescriptive Workforce Optimization. This new information is allowing companies to learn from their best in order to raise efficiency and reduce effort for their employees and customers like never before.


  • Guide to how Workforce Intelligence can improve employee & customer effort
  • Best practices for task execution quality and time
  • Insight on successfully leveraging workforce management and optimization
Zone 3. Navigating the Evolution of Customer Care

Dan Fox, Field Marketing Manager, Interactions

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This interactive session will explore strategic insights, the rapid evolution of customer care and how your company can keep pace, and best practices for developing a modern and successful customer care strategy.


  • Insight on the rapid progression of customer care and what that means for businesses
  • Questions your company should address when developing a customer care strategy
  • Best practices for implementing an Intelligent Virtual Assistant
Zone 4. The Digital Transformation Struggle: Addressing the Omnichannel Gap

Wendy Shlensky, Vice President, Analyst & Advisor Relations, HGS

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Customers say digital transformation is a priority, according to the most recent CANAM Survey. What are the steps along the way to total transformation? How do you define digital transformation in the contact center or CX hubs? What’s included? Do you have to implement automation, bots, and/or AI to digitally transform your organization? What are the priorities in your organization? Omnichannel? Multichannel? How do you solve for channel preference? Or do you provide channel guidance based on analytics? In this session, we’ll attempt to address what is causing businesses to struggle with digital transformation.


  • Examples of leading brands implementing digital channels
  • Guide to the common disruptions to the digital transformation journey and how to overcome them
  • Shared best practices regarding where companies start their digital transformation journey traditionally
Zone 5. You’re Hired! Innovative Ways to Win the Fight for Talent

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Recruiting in the contact center industry is not for the faint of heart. It requires strategy, patience, and creativity. Join us to learn new approaches to recruiting and how to stand out and attract the best talent for your program.


  • Insights on how to recruit for specialized roles and programs
  • Proven ways to leverage referral programs
  • Best practices for leveraging new technology and recruiting tools
Zone 6. Five Best Practices for Implementing Artificial Intelligence Self-Serve in the Contact Center

Aarde Cosseboom , Director of GMS Technology & Workforce Management, TechStyle Fashion Group
Charlie Schrier, Director of Marketing, SmartAction

Learn More
Today, customers expect to be able to choose how they communicate. And regardless of channel, they want a consistent, low-effort, personalized experience across every interaction, every channel and every time they engage with an organization. Successfully meeting these expectations requires innovation – and a strategy to balance that innovation with measurable business value across the enterprise. Join us as we offer a practical guide to building, improving, and optimizing your customer experience platform to align with your enterprise objectives. You’ll discover how to derive the most benefit from your omnichannel connected CX platform, including a fast ROI and a strategy for future-proofing your contact center.


  • Key elements to build a connected, personalized CX strategy across the enterprise
  • Best practices for improving agent and customer engagement across all channels and interactions
  • Insights into a practical guide for customer journey interaction mapping for better agent and customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty, for today and in the future

3:10 PM

Networking, Refreshment, and Exhibition Break

Featured Demonstration Hosted by:

3:40 PM


Choose one of the following concurrent sessions:

INTERACTIVE Solutions Wheel

Play the “wheel” to find out which of the industry’s products and services will help you solve your challenges. It is a series of rapid fire, one-on-one meetings with leading sponsors – both intense and fulfilling.


THE FIX – Crowdsourcing Tactical Solutions to Our Most Vexing Challenges

Share your smarts! Choose between eight themed brainstorming sessions and crowd source solutions to the most vexing challenges facing customer experience and customer contact today. These are twenty minute rapid fire sessions with four rotations. First come, first serve, so choose wisely! Each brainstorm group will build upon the other to build a list of readily operationalized ideas to these common challenges.

Choose one topic for each of the four rotations:

The Fix on CX ROI and Your CFO
Hosted By: Lynn Costlow, Senior Vice President, Customer Care, ADT

The Fix on Regulated Industries
Hosted By: Jeff Schutte, Senior Vice President & Director of Customer Service & Digital Banking, Dickinson Financial

The Fix on B2B Nuances of Customer Care
The Fix on Tiered Support
The Fix on Integrating Systems & Platforms Across the Enterprise
The Fix on Cultivating Nimble Teams
The Fix on Small Contact Centers
The Fix on Managing in a Consolidating Market of Solution Providers
The Fix on Continuous Improvement

4:55 PM

Session to Session Travel Time

– Followed by –

Cocktail Bash – An evening of cocktails, conversation & community!

We’ll close out the evening in style with cocktails, light bites, and of course, fantastic conversation with fellow participants and our victorious winners!

5:00 PM


(Part One) The Power of Authentic Attention: Boost your Customer’s Experience And Build Your Brand Success [What Your Customers REALLY Want!]

Itzik Amiel, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Power Networking Academy, Bestselling Author ‘The Attention Switch’

Learn More
Authenticity goes beyond whether or not a product is “hand-made” or “natural” or “locally sourced.” While these are also important factors for customers, what they are most wanting from companies is to be treated as an individual in an authentic way and with genuine attention. Customers are increasingly wary of unsolicited sales pitches and canned messages. We hear a lot about the importance of customer loyalty for a business’s viability, and an authentic connection via ATTENTION GIVING is one way to keep your customers happy and loyal. Getting to know a little something about the customer that isn’t related to selling or upgrading helps humanize the connection between employee and customer so that together they can arrive at the desired outcome.


  • Insight into how to build an inventory of the best qualities you have in engaging others & how to activate them every time
  • Guide to the little known authentic ways to accelerate conversations and influence outcomes
  • Case studies (and experimental moments) on the successful use of authentic attention to create remarkable customer experiences

5:27 PM

The CC Awards & Cocktail Bash – Rewarding Excellence, Culture & Team Spirit

Let’s kick off the evening with a bang! Come join us as we unveil and celebrate the winners of the CC Awards. These dynamic and forward-looking candidates are pushing the envelope in AI, analytics, omnichannel customer service and web customer care, and we’ll be toasting them with a reception worthy of their achievements (and awesomeness!)

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6:15 AM

Early Risers Run/Walk
Calling all walkers, joggers and runners! Lace up your sneakers and get your endorphins flowing with a little exercise. It’s the perfect start to a great day of content and networking!

6:15 AM

Early Risers Yoga
Calling all yogis! Get energized while building strength and flexibility with us. This upbeat, creative yoga practice, will link breath and movement to keep you present and centered. We’ll utilize Sun Salutations, strength building and connected movements to help you face the day with a courageous spirit.

8:00 AM

Continental Breakfast and Exhibition

8:45 AM

Be the Company Your Customers Love: Winning Your Champions Fair and Square

Christina Kosmowski, Global Head of Customer Success, Slack

9:45 AM

Frost & Sullivan Customer Contact Executive MindXchange Advisory Board and Member Recognition

9:50 AM

You Too Can Be a CxO: Pragmatic Ideas for Realizing Enterprise Change

Rachelle Dever, Global Brand & Guest Experience Director, InterContinental Hotels Group (IGH)

Matt Beckwith, Contact Center Director, Clark Pest Control
Nate Brown, Director of Customer Experience, UL EHS Sustainability
Lynn Costlow, Senior Vice President, Customer Care, ADT
Richard Gianvecchio, Vice President, Consumer Support, Symantech
Jeff Laird, Vice President of Customer Care, Stockpile

Learn More
Have you identified the opportunity within your brand and further, do you truly understand your customer?  Have you conducted a needs analysis to uncover how real your challenge might be?  And then, have you been able to practically deliver your message and establish your case for change within your organization?  If these questions perplex you, and you are unsure of where to start, this session is for you. In this interactive panel, we’ll explore pragmatic ideas for building the case for change, and even more:  how to conduct a needs analysis, how to create the case for change and beyond that – how to deliver a compelling, yet realistic business case that can work in any business.  Whether you are B2B or B2C, we will deliver and provide you with practical, yet easy to implement solutions that can help you better identify your opportunity and create the strategy that will work well for you. Join this panel discussion for an exciting, real-world session on delivering change in today’s evolving, and competitive marketplace.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Blueprint for success with a business case that will work
  • Tools that will help you improve & innovate the customer experience
  • Guide to creating measures of success to ensure your strategy is effective
  • Insight and tips on how you can take action right away

10:40 AM

Briefing Sessions, Networking, Refreshment and Exhibition Break
Featured Demonstration Hosted by:

11:25 AM


Peer Council sessions are participant-driven discussions focusing on your key challenges and concerns.

Choose one of the following zones:

Zone 1. Strategic Thinkers Only: Forum on Critical Effortless Experience Issues

Samantha Starmer, Former Vice President, Global Digital Experiences, Ralph Lauren

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We all seem to talk about providing usable, delightful and effortless experiences, but what exactly does that mean? How can we determine which experiences are critical to focus on? In this interactive session, we’ll gain a common understanding of how to identify effortless experiences that are appropriate to your brand, how to build them, and how to educate others on their importance.


  • Examples of what Effortless Experiences are…and aren’t
  • Insight into how to measure whether your brand experiences are effortless
  • Tools to identify the low hanging fruit where you can execute on immediately
  • Action items to bring back to your broader organization
Zone 2. Contact Center Optimization on a Shoestring

Jeff Laird, Vice President of Customer Care, Stockpile

Learn More
Contact center leaders are constantly asked to deliver delightful customer experiences on limited budgets. Balancing the financial realities against the needs of your customers and driving an engaged workforce requires scalable and effective tactics. In this interactive session, we will share our tactics for delivering amazing outcomes in the most cost-effective ways. Bring your ideas as well as your questions!


  • Leveraging customer insights to drive your approach
  • Best practices for budget-friendly customer engagement practices
  • Identify emerging trends in AI and automation to create cost-effective experiences
Zone 3. Propelling Leadership Growth

Eric Jones, Vice President, Consumer Support, TransUnion

Zone 4. Raising the Bar on NPS

Zone 5. Outsourcing Partner Management

Michael DeSalles, Principal Analyst, Digital Transformation – Customer Contact, Frost & Sullivan
Tom Farrell, Senior Vice President, Customer Support,

Learn More
Whether a novice or seasoned expert at outsourcing customer management, we know you face an array of questions. How risky or prudent are various onshore, offshore, and near shore strategies? Can outsourcers meet the needs of today’s omnichannel consumer? Can service providers give you access to educated, ethical, service-oriented, bicultural and bilingual talent at a reasonable price?


  • Strategies involved in deciding what to outsource, when to do it, and where
  • Guiding principles to successfully managing the outsourcing partnership and achieve a ‘win-win’ to maximize success
  • Insight on why outsourcers are choosing to locate in specific near-shore geographies
  • On the ground” insights from experienced service providers and well-traveled industry analysts, esp. for Nearshore: Mexico, Central America and South America
  • Examples of real-world successful deployments and expanded engagements

12:15 PM

Food For Thought Networking Luncheon – Networking Roundtables Hosted by Industry Leaders

Hosted by:

1:20 PM

Session to Session Travel Time

1:25 PM


ThinkTank sessions employ interactive team exercises in a “roll up your sleeves” learning environment.

Choose one of the following zones:

Zone 1. Operationalizing the Customer Experience Idea
Zone 2. AI-Driven Predictive Routing

Jim Whatton, Vice President, North Americas Solutions Consultants, Genesys

Learn More
Do you want to increase your NPS, FCR, or close rates by 3-7% without having to add additional staff? Many organizations today collect massive amounts of data, that then goes un-utilized when creating that perfect match between the contact center agent and the end customer. Join this interactive session to unpack how predictive routing can optimize both your customer and agent experience, resulting in tangible and significant improvements to your key performance indicators and bottom line.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Insight on how to leverage the data you have: interaction, agent, customer, and results, now it’s time to use it! Use the data you already have, to automatically predict what agent and customer matchups will result in the best business outcome. It’s in the numbers!
  • Guide to optimizing your omnichannel routing (not just voice) to provide the best possible customer experience, regardless of how your customer contacts you
  • Best practices for leveraging predictive routing to optimize your customer service or collections strategy in these two different scenarios
  • Tips and tricks on how to continue to optimize your predictive models to account for the challenges to come; data is fluid and the outcomes are not static
Zone 3. Leveraging Analytics to Gain Critical Customer Insights

Jon Fischer, Strategic Director, WFO, Aspect

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Speech analytics have been available for contact centers for quite some time, yet only 26% of contact centers have implemented it. This interactive case history will remove some of the mystery around speech analytics that has been a barrier to adoption. The session will unpack lessons from customers that have actually implemented this innovative technology, ultimately showcasing how you can dramatically improve key contact center metrics.


  • Proven tactics and sources of value when using speech analytics in the contact center
  • Framework for understanding how speech analytics works
  • Case studies with ROI metrics for speech analytics
  • Insight on the future of speech and text analytics to automate the QA process

Zone 4. A Blueprint For Omnichannel Readiness: Expert Guide to Dominate Digital Channels to Voice

Chad Hendren, Vice President and General Manager of CX Solutions, VHT

Learn More
Did you know that 58% of customers never return after a bad CX? The goal of any contact center today is to provide customers with the personal touch in a digitally efficient way. That means you must know your customers, their channel choices, and their wants and needs. Join this interactive session to uncover the essential blueprint for successfully executing your CX strategy.


  • Insight on the difference between customer journey mapping and customer journey tracking
  • Guide to maximizing your investment
  • Best practices on how to reduce your customer’s number one frustration
  • Fresh perspectives on how real-time, uncomplicated views of the queue and each customer’s journey benefits both agents and customers
  • CX checklist you can take back to your team to start making a difference today
Zone 5. Gamification x BOTs x Machine Learning x Human Intellect = (Awesome + Engaged) Employees

Lamont Exeter, Vice President, Learning and Performance, TTEC

Learn More
The world is talking about artificial intelligence – yet very few are bringing it all together. The blending machine-automated support and humanity is the essence of today’s ecosystem. Companies need to logically apply a measurable, quantifiable, repeatable formula to calculate its success and merit. When done correctly, the results are transformational.


  • Understand the financial benefits of engaging employees just as you do customers
  • Transform traditional cost centers, such as training and employee development, into revenue centers through the balance of technology and humanity
  • Utilize existing customer-focused investments to drive fiscal benefits among employees
  • Blend technology learning with human learning to create a check-and-balance process that maximizes quality
  • Incent and reward employees to share knowledge, best practices and operational suggestions that drive automation and business improvements

2:55 PM

Briefing Sessions, Networking, Refreshments, and Exhibition Break

Featured Demonstration Hosted by:

3:40 PM

Best Practice sessions examine a real world use case, dissect the best practices employed, and explore how to apply them to your own initiative and company.

Choose one of the following zones:

Zone 1. Progressive Customer Experiences: Building Harmony Between Agents & Chatbots

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AI Chatbots are opening up new opportunities to make human agents more productive and deliver better customer outcomes. But if businesses don’t approach AI in the right way, chatbots will not deliver the value they desire. This interactive session will explore how bringing bots & human agents together to provide seamless, personalized interactions across all digital touchpoints.


  • Key capabilities your chatbot should have to effectively field and solve customer inquiries
  • Insight on the ways AI can improve agent efficiency and maximize output
  • Guide to how brands are approaching AI to create better customer experiences
Zone 2. Connected Service Management: A Model for Proactively Resolving Issues

Learn More
Customer expectations continue to rise: Can I contact you from any device and through any channel? And can I get an immediate answer in my moment of need? What customers don’t have is patience. Their time is too valuable. Join this interactive session to learn how to move beyond managing customer contacts and individual interactions to embrace a new model for resolving.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Techniques for making it easier for customers to engage
  • Best practices for driving accountability to resolution and for preventing future call
  • Tips for benchmarking your operations against customer service best practices
Zone 3. Solving the Evergreen Marketing Challenge: Leveraging AI and Customer Phone Calls to Understand what Marketing Campaigns and Offers are Driving your Business

Matt Zoller, National Sales Director, TruGreen
Matt Dixon, Chief Product & Research Officer, Tethr

Learn More
Businesses talk about the voice of the customer, and how they want to be more customer-centric in their marketing and sales offers, but are they really listening to it? Businesses record customer phone calls, but only listen to 1% of them. Marketers spend money on surveys and focus groups, but those data sets are not useful (and getting worse). At some point, marketing has to pull up and shoot. Join us to learn how AI can be used to uncover insights from the voice channel and structure marketing campaigns and offers that drive increased business performance.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Lessons learned and case studies of how enterprises have used AI to improve marketing offer effectiveness
  • Best practices for shining light on what has traditionally been a dark data asset – your customer phone calls
  • Proven tips on to leverage AI to inform marketing strategies across a spectrum of use cases including objection handling, product feedback, go to market strategies and customer experience
  • Real examples how to be a better consumer of AI and what are the key questions to consider as you look to roll it out to your organization
Zone 4. Operationalizing Omni: Facilitating Customer Channel Preferences and Determining Your Right Mix

4:40 PM

Session to Session Travel Time

4:45 PM

Collaborating with Sales to Capture Voice of the Customer and Drive Retention and Revenue

Phil Horn, Senior Vice President, Sales & Service, Sacramento Kings

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Sales too often leaves Service setup to fail. A data-driven and experiential sales strategy will lead to a successful retention process before the sale. This session will showcase best practices for proactive collaboration with your service and strategy teams to utilize customer feedback to disarm your buyers during the sales process leading to manageable expectations and maximum revenue throughout your retention efforts.


  • Insight into how to use existing customer feedback to enhance your sales process and shorten the sales cycle
  • Tools to shift your retention efforts from reactive to proactive WOW moments using predictive customer insights
  • Framework to create a cohesive organization by turning your sales team into service evangelists

5:05 PM

(Part-Two) Implementing Personal Authenticity

Itzik Amiel, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Power Networking Academy, Bestselling Author ‘The Attention Switch’

Learn More

Perhaps the desire for authenticity remains strong given how much technology controls our lives.  As customers increasingly favor self-service options and have more virtual friendships than real, when they do finally connect with another person, via live-chat or phone, they want it to be personalized and real. Creating meaningful, personalized and authentic experiences for customers will continue to be a focus for companies throughout the coming years. It’s what customers want, and it’s in companies’ best interest to cultivate and train their employees to be able to deliver authentic service.

Key Take-Aways:

  • 3 Pragmatic ways to build your social capital asset by creating and delivering what’s valuable to others
  • Guide to the The ‘Authenticity Framework’ – how to implement Personal authenticity to build remarkable clients experiences
  • Best practices for creating meaningful and authentic experiences for customers

5:30 PM

General Session Concludes

6:00 PM

14th Annual Customer Contact Wild West Olympics & Cookout
Gear up for a night of Olympic games with Western flair. Dinner will be served throughout the night and our top teams will be draped in Gold, Silver & Bronze, YEEHAW! Saddle up and show us your wild west side!

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6:45 AM

Early Risers Yoga
Calling all yogis! Get energized while building strength and flexibility with us. This upbeat, creative yoga practice, will link breath and movement to keep you present and centered. We’ll utilize Sun Salutations, strength building and connected movements to help you face the day with a courageous spirit.

8:30 AM

Continental Breakfast and Exhibition

Featured Demonstration Hosted by:

9:10 AM

Engaging the Enterprise: The Customer Experience Vision & Brand Promise

Doug Zarkin, Chief Marketing Officer, Pearle Vision

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The Pearle Vision brand identity and CX platform is one that has the potential to be exceptionally challenging: the near 600 location optical retailer seeks to be appreciated at a local level, viewed as a genuine neighborhood retailer and premium medical practice. However, the brand has succeeded in both roles, given its continued growth and renowned CX practices. How does the local EyeCare center successfully connect with these ground level customers while maintaining its large brand presence in North America? Pearle Vision’s Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President Doug Zarkin, will share how the brand has experienced staggering success at multiple levels in a complex highly competitive industry, providing both retail and medical services at its brick and mortar stores while delivering CX that allows them to fulfill their brand promise of an amazing patient experience on every visit.


  • Exploring it’s brand position and it’s CX “north star” as both an art and a science, and embracing both the creative and the analytical components of the process.
  • Guide to maintaining message consistency, and improving and tracking CX especially when facing constraints either internal or external.
  • Insight on the foundational role and purpose of marketing, and how that baseline definition has played into Pearle Vision’s journey and CX platform
  • Blueprint for Peale Vision’s category leading reputation management program to ensue tracking, triage and optimization’s at the national and local level

10:15 AM

AI: Preparing for Big Disruption As Entry Barriers Come Down
Gabriele Masili, Chief Technology Officer, Customer Service & Support, Microsoft

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AI is disrupting industries around the world and is becoming more accessible for companies of all sizes to transform their business. This use case from Microsoft will unpack how you can easily integrate AI into your customer service and support experience to help your customers and your agents.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Insights into the range of AI models transforming customer service and support
  • Best practices on AI implementation from Microsoft’s own customer service and support
  • Critical success factors to implementing AI

10:35 AM

Networking, Refreshment, and Exhibition Break

11:05 AM

Safeguarding Your Customer’s Trust and Security

11:25 AM

The Great Take-Away: Implementing the Best, Brightest and Boldest Ideas from the Program


Katrina Schiedemeyer, Global Quality Analyst, Oshkosh Corporation

Panelists Include:

Kelley Bond, Director, Customer Care Operations, Walmart

Tom Farrell, Senior Vice President, Customer Support,

Raquel Macarthy, Customer Experience Manager, Replacements

12:15 PM



Join us for a tour of GoDaddy’s innovative contact center! Participants will see first-hand how GoDaddy, a domain registrar and web hosting company, is a game changer when it comes to living its philosophy: to excel at servicing customers, it’s critical to celebrate the humanity behind technology.

1:00 PM

Site Tour Shuttle Check-In. Lunch will be provided.

3:30 PM


4:30 PM

Shuttle Transportation to Hotel Provided.

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